Winsor Pilates: The Best Pilates Workouts Ever!

These routines have helped over 50 million people lose weight, trim and tone muscles, and Sculpt Their Bodies Slim! You get over 40 workouts, meal plan, wellness guide, and more—all created by Mari Winsor, the Hollywood trainer that made Pilates a household name.

Starting at $ 7.99/month.


Why Winsor?

Because Winsor Pilates works. Mari Winsor was Hollywood’s best-kept secret until she released these programs and made her proven technic available to everyone. This is the fastest, easiest way to get into shape, shed pounds and inches, and stay fit. Perfect for beginners and advanced fitness levels. Routines to target specific areas such as abs, buns, and thighs. Mari’s effective, charismatic approach will make getting in shape fun and fast.

Unlimited Access Subscription

Access the Full Winsor Pilates Collection for only $7.99/month! Stream over 40 workouts (from Beginner to Advanced) instantly to your TV, laptop, or smartphone and get special access to extras—like Winsor Pilates meal plans and calendars! Spanish Titles also available.

Sculpt Long, Lean Muscles!


Strengthen Your Core!


Lose Weight & Feel Great!

Experience full-body workouts that target all areas of the body in order to achieve a slender, more toned body. Increase your core strength, while naturally improving your body alignment and posture. Our at-home or on-the-go videos will help you lose weight fast by guiding you through safe, low-impact workouts that really work.
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Try Our Best Sellers Below, like the Full Body Trio Kit!

When you buy the Winsor Pilates Classic Kit - considered the most effective Pilates workout ever with 50 million sold - you also get two additional upper and lower body sculpting workouts absolutely FREE!

Celebrity Testimonials

Fitness expert Mari Winsor's roster has included A-list clients such as Drew Barrymore, Elizabeth Berkeley, Miley Cyrus, Minnie Driver, Daisy Fuentes, Jasmine Guy, Jewel, Melanie Griffith, Meg Ryan, Emma Stone, Sharon Stone, Marisa Tomei, and Dita Von Teese.

“Mari is the real deal. She got me into the best shape of my life.”

Miley Cyrus, Musician/Actor

"Working out with Mari has been one of the greatest gifts of my life.”

Melanie Griffith, Actor

“Mari is the most knowledgeable Pilates instructor I’ve ever met. A true force of nature.”

Candice Bergen, Actor

Mari Winsor Client for 15 Years

Rosanna Arquette, Actor

“I think Pilates is the best investment in your time that you can ever make because you are investing in yourself."

Sherry Lansing, Former CEO of Paramount Pictures

Mari Winsor Client For 15 Years

Daisy Fuentes, TV Host


Purchase workouts individually or subscribe to access the full collection instantly. Subscribe annually and save 30% OFF now!


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14 day free trial, $7.99 USD monthly thereafter

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