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Advanced Body Slimming Routine

Length: 0:19:24

It's a fun, less talk, no-nonsense approach for those that have familiarized themselves with Mari's program. Many of Hollywood's biggest celebrities turn to Mari to lose those extra unwanted pounds. Now you can too learn Mari's secret workout. This workout is a series of choreographed moves, whether a beginner or advance. This modular workout system allows you to tailor your workout based upon your level of physical fitness, endurance, and sensitivities so you can build and get stronger. With only three consistent workouts a week, you will not only change your body—you will change your life. Mari Winsor has taken proven Pilates moves to a whole new level using her exclusive dynamic sequencing technique. A low intensity, calorie-burning workout that can help you lose unwanted pounds and inches, her dynamic sequencing technique fir, strengths, and tone more muscles than ordinary workouts. The result is a sleeker, more sculpted body in just minutes a day. Running Time: 22 Minutes

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