Winsor Pilates Deluxe

My new Winsor Pilates Deluxe provides you all the Beginner DVD’s and Bonus items, plus an advanced version of GO, FLO and PRO routines. You can advance at your own pace, whether you are a beginner or an advanced. In addition, you also receive my weighted gloves for a more vigorous workout to improve strength and definition in the upper body, with more toned arms and less under-arm flab. You’ve picked a great way to improve your energy, strength and balance while increasing your flexibility and sense of well-being - Mari Winsor.

You should consult with your doctor before beginning this or any other exercise or training program, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions such as heart trouble, high blood pressure, arthritis or diabetes, or if you often feel faint or dizzy.

IIf you are experiencing shortness of breath, persistent fatigue, muscle soreness, joint pain or any sign of injury while exercising, your exercise intensity may be too great, or you may be exercising too much. If you are experiencing chest pains, irregular heartbeat, severe shortness of breath, dizziness or if you feel like you might faint, stop exercising immediately and call your doctor (or call 911 if you think you have an emergency medical condition).

Winsor Pilates, LLC is not liable for any injury or other loss that allegedly results either directly or indirectly from the use of this workout DVD. Your use of the exercise on these DVDs is solely at your own risk.

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GO Routine

3 items

Perfect for absolute beginners, seniors, and those with limited mobility and flexibility. Strengthens your core and improves your circulation.

FLO Routine

3 items

Mat routine that helps strengthen and align your spine for better balance and posture.

PRO Routine

3 items

Core-based workout for more active individuals Boosts metabolism, Improves overall strength and stamina.

GO Advanced Routine

3 items

The next step up from the basic GO routine. A brisker pace and larger movements amplify the benefits.

FLO Advanced Routine

3 items

Invigorating mat workout created to help you stretch a little further and add more strength to your core.

PRO Advanced Routine

3 items

Accelerated core based routine. Fat-burner, muscle-toner, builds stamina, sculpts and tones muscles.

Winsor HAND Routine

3 items

Men improve overall strength and definition in biceps and triceps, women attain toned upper arms and a reduction of underarm flab.

Winsor BAND Routine

3 items

Stretch your way to a stronger, more flexible body with the Winsor Elastic Band. for maximum flexibility and relaxation.

Winsor Wellness Guide Deluxe

1 item

Mari's nutrition and lifestyle tips to get the most out of your Winsor experience.

Welcome Letter

1 item

Safety Information

1 item