20 Minute Rapid Sculpting Workout

The sculpting ball intensifies the routine by allowing you to get deeper in to each movement and to get maximum benefit in minimum time. The ball will also help you with range of motion, added support, and resistance. Winsor 20 Minute Rapid Sculpting Workout

Get maximum benefits in minimum time! This timesaving workout target and tones your entire bod with the help of Mari’s exciting new sculpting tool- the dynamic sculpting ball. This unique, squishy ball adds resistance, gives you support, and increases your range of motion during the Winsor Pilates workouts. In no time that you will feel and see results!

Running Time: 20 Minutes

Dynamic Sculpting Ball Total Body Workout

Transform your body with this brand-new Winsor Pilates program. Mari combines her dynamic sequencing with a new sculpting tool- the dynamic sculpting ball- to enhance and intensity your Winsor Pilates mat practice. The dynamic sculpting ball allows you to do many types of exercises that your would normally do on a large piece of studio equipment (such as the Reformer or Cadillac). You’ll quickly firm and tone with this super slimming workout!

Running Time: 45 Minutes

Accelerated Fat Burning Workout

Mari turns on the heat and pumps up the energy in this fast and fun Pilates inspired workout. The fat burning workout combines the best body sculpting moves with powerful, easy to follow footwork to help melt away the pounds and inches in no time!

Running Time: 50 Minutes

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