Maximum Burn Advanced Series

Mari Winsor created the challenging, fast-paced Maximum Burn Series to take u our Winsor Pilates mat workout to the next level. The Maximum Burn Series is for both women and men who have mastered the Basic mat workout by Winsor Pilates and want even more results!

With Winsor Pilates exclusive Maximum Burn Advanced Series, you’ll:

Burn even more calories with an intense 45 Minute workout Get a powerful total body shaping workout that is result driven Sculpt learner, longer muscles Get even stronger and look better To achieve Maximum Burn results. We recommend exercising 2 times per week and combining your workouts with a healthy eating plan.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today and achieve the body you’ve always wanted!

Running Time: 55 Minutes

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This also belongs to Winsor Pilates Collection


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